Stressed Assets Management


Stressed Assets Management

An ASSET, generally a security or real property that features a sharply reduced value as a result of actual or potential losses created by an excess of CREDIT RISK, MARKET RISK, or LIQUIDITY RISK. Securities, LOANS, or MORTGAGES of obligors that are at high risk of DEFAULT and those that contain significant amounts of LEVERAGE or ILLIQUIDITY may trade at deep discounts that are characteristic of distressed assets.

With increasing competition in retail finance, banks and Financial Institutions are faced with unique challenge of providing competitive rates to secure more business for increased top line yet maintain a healthy bottom line.

Bottom line of banks and Financial Institutions get reduced due to high default percentages which are written off in books of accounts and termed as stressed assets or non performing assets. Efficient management of the stressed asset offers significant tangible and intangible benefits to the financial services companies.

We, at Divine Finserv address the challenge of Stressed Assets Management by making use of our pan India presence of feet-on-street working in tandem with the Corporate Office located at Mumbai. We offer tailored solutions based on the asset class. Our teams have experience of delivering great value for all asset classes which includes unsecured to secured and low ticket to very high ticket size borrowers. We also undertake skip tracing and field investigations to facilitate the collection output.

Our in-house PRO team shares the status of each & every case on real time basis. To ensure banks and Financial Institutions control over recoveries all negotiations are routed to banks and Financial Institutions for approval through system, monetary collection is executed post valid approval from banks or as per the banks matrix.

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